Teachers and parents know that the best way to get kids engaged in any activity, including learning, is to make it enjoyable. We have had that in mind throughout the development of this project, 'Ministry of Mathematics Times Tables', an album of 11 pop songs that will improve the instant recall of 2 to 12 times tables.

The idea behind our resource isn't new, but our execution of the idea is unique. That's because aside from the lyrics being educational, our songs stand up to chart hits, and kids really respond positively to that. With songs this good, your pupils will love singing and dancing along to them, and have a great time while learning at the same time. In trials, teachers have seen significant improvements in students after 6 weeks of watching our videos, and have reported increases in confidence, accuracy, speed and enthusiasm in instant recall of times tables facts...exactly what you need to get your students acing the MTC next summer.

Each unique pop song has lyrics that are times tables facts, with tips and tricks to help work out any answers that have been forgotten. These facts are supported by unique and entertaining videos which have a cross curricular element... for example, the 4x and 6x songs would be ideal in a PE lesson, while the 7x video is built from art created by your pupils (find out more about that by clicking here). Please enjoy what we have created, and if you need to get in touch use the contact link.