Ministry of Mathematics

The coolest way to learn times tables.

Ministry of Mathematics is a fresh and engaging way of teaching and learning times tables. We have created an album of 11 unique pop songs and cool videos that have been shown to increase accuracy and speed in instant recall, while boosting confidence and enthusiasm too. Pupils have told us “it doesn’t feel like learning!”


The National Curriculum specifies that "pupils should be taught to recall the multiplication tables up to and including 12x12 by the end of year 4." We are helping pupils of all abilities to get these important number facts commited to long term memory in the same way that they might learn the lyrics to their favourite song.

In trials, teachers have seen significant improvements in pupils after watching our videos, reporting better recall in students of all abilities. And the kids really enjoy the inclusive, non-competitive nature of our learning method. This is an essential resource to get students acing the MTC.


Ministry of Mathematics expertise lies in creating engaging pop music and funky cool animations, and we have put those skills to use to create slamming tracks to help kids with recall of all of the times tables. Critically, the numerical facts are so much the focus of our songs, that in learning them kids get a real feeling of confidence and empowerment, resulting in an increase accuracy, speed and enthusiasm.

What’s more, our music so good that the entire family can get involved and enjoy listening, at home or in the car.

Check out the full 5x table song “Air Five” below, then sign up for free to get access to all our videos and songs.


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