Help us create the 7x table video

We are very excited to invite you to help create artwork that will become a part of the 7x table video.

The 7x table song contains samples from all the other times tables songs, so the video will be made up of images from the other videos, but with a difference... we want you to help us draw them!

We will give you line drawings of each frame, and we would like you to colour them for us according to its reference. The bold colours of felt pens or poster paints work really well. Or you could try making a collage using squares ripped from old magazines, or even coloured plasticene. Then you just scan the picture and send it to us, and we will do the rest.

Just send us your name and email address using the contact form below, and we will send you the images and full instructions. Have fun!!

We will email you soon with the details you have requested
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